We cater to ALL levels and abilities. At Somerton Squash, we have some of the very best squash coaches not just in Adelaide, but in Australia. Our coaches have become entrenched in the club through hard work, volunteering at working Bees and with our junior program, and playing for our great club here at Somerton. Many for a long long time, giving back to the sport and volunteering for the club over an extended period. So if you’re a beginner, a pennant player, a junior, or a social player, read on, as this will tell you all you need to know about the squash coaching options available here in Adelaide. You can also book a squash court here

Our local club coaches have their photos, names, contact details, credentials, and pricing hanging on the wall as you enter our squash centre. They are available for private one on one squash coaching sessions at a time mutually agreeable. If you can’t find their details, then talk to someone behind the counter when you drop in during opening hours for a chat. Please don’t call outside hours as the phone is unmanned.

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How much does squash coaching cost?

In Adelaide, at our club, squash lessons range from $50 up to $85. Plus court hire. If you are a member then court hire doesn’t come into it, you simply pay for the coach if choosing from one of our local panel of Somerton Squash Coaches.

Please be mindful that our coaches are fully accredited, they are quality players themselves, and that coaching itself does come with costs such as travel time. First and foremost our coaches do it because they love the game. Often they could be earning more elsewhere, so please don’t try to negotiate the rates.

If you are after more budget options with squash lessons then ask them about group coaching which can really save money by dividing costs. Or ask if there’s a package deal to prepay for 10 lessons.

Is squash coaching worth it?

Absolutely, in 100% of cases we have seen drastic improvement in quality from just a few lessons. This is right from beginners who now can play longer rallies and more tactical squash, right through to players who “think” they’ve been doing it right for all these years.

Even the most advanced player has seen dramatic improvement from squash coaching. You will 100% improve your game with squash coaching no matter your level. Once you improve your game, you’ll enjoy it more, and you’ll practice good habits and the cycle continues.

Am I too old for squash lessons?

Never! You are never too old for squash coaching. In fact, a lot of players being coached now are actually senior players who now have the time for squash lessons, the income and the desire to improve themselves. They too have shown massive improvement and now get more enjoyment out of the game as a result. As we get older we must learn how to work smarter, not harder.

What about Junior Squash Lessons in Adelaide?

Yes our coaches do junior coaching as well, and have all the credentials and clearances. On Thursdays we have group Junior squash lessons from 4:30 to 5:30 which is a cheap way to learn the game in a team environment at an extremely low cost of $10.

But if you want to improve faster and get special one on one attention, then any of our coaches can assist you with junior squash coaching here in Adelaide. Obviously one on one means the cost increases, but your improvement will shoot through the roof and very quickly overtake other players your age.