We do in house restringing of squash racquets and racquetball rackets. For squash we have all the best strings, Technifibre, Ashaway, Grays strings, Head racquet strings. Talk to Michael about the best strings for your game. Some have more durability, some have more power, and some racquet strings suit a touch game.

Some of our better players will buy racquets in pairs, cut both the strings out so they can immediately get them restrung with new strings the tension and string of their choice.

Recently we had a player who was out of the game for some time. His racquet strings actually felt like the time spent on the shelf had deteriorated them and affected performance. We added in some Ashaway Super Nick Strings and instantly he could feel the difference.

For all your restringing needs in Adelaide come and talk to us. We offer a super fast 48 hour turnaround time on restrings and the most competitive prices with the best quality strings.


Why choose us for restringing in Adelaide?

Speedy turnaround

Best Value

Quality Strings

What more can you ask for.


Buy Squash Rackets in Adelaide

In addition to restrings, we also sell squash rackets in our pro shop on site. We have a huge range of Salming rackets, Karakal junior squash rackets, Technifibre Squash rackets, and Dunlop squash rackets too. Most of our squash rackets are top of the range, or slightly cheaper alternative that we feel are outstanding performers and comparable to the ones that are top dollar.

So whether you need a racket restringing service, or a brand new squash racket in Adelaide, get on down to Somerton Squash Centre.