We do in house restringing of squash racquets and racquetball rackets. For squash we have all the best strings, Technifibre, Ashaway, Grays strings, Head racquet strings. Talk to Michael about the best strings for your game. Some have more durability, some have more power, and some racquet strings suit a touch game.

Some of our better players will buy racquets in pairs, cut both the strings out so they can immediately get them restrung with new strings the tension and string of their choice.

Recently we had a player who was out of the game for some time. His racquet strings actually felt like the time spent on the shelf had deteriorated them and affected performance. We added in some Ashaway Super Nick Strings and instantly he could feel the difference.

For all your restringing needs in Adelaide come and talk to us. We offer a super fast 48 hour turnaround time on restrings and the most competitive prices with the best quality strings.


Why choose us for restringing in Adelaide?

Speedy turnaround

Best Value

Quality Strings

What more can you ask for.


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In addition to restrings, we also sell squash rackets in our pro shop on site. We have a huge range of Salming rackets, Karakal junior squash rackets, Technifibre Squash rackets, and Dunlop squash rackets too. Most of our squash rackets are top of the range, or slightly cheaper alternative that we feel are outstanding performers and comparable to the ones that are top dollar.

So whether you need a racket restringing service, or a brand new squash racket in Adelaide, get on down to Somerton Squash Centre.


How much does it cost to restring a racquet?

We have Adelaide’s most affordable prices on restrings, coupled with an ultra quick turnaround. We are primarily a squash club, and we love our squash players, racquetball players, social players and members. So we provide restrings at an ultra low cost more as a service to those who play at Somerton. Of course the general public is welcome to cash in on our prices and low cost of restringing.

Remember it’s not just the great value you’ll receive, but also the advice from people who play and have played the game at a high level and used and tested all the strings personally. Great prices, fast turnaround from a highly experienced restringer on a top quality machine. What more could you ask for.

What is your turnaround time on restringing a racquet?

Our restringing turnaround time is always within 48 hours. But we can be faster if you have an emergency. We are stringing racquets daily. So usually you leave it with us and the next time you come for a hit, it will be ready. Of course we also recommend buying rackets in pairs so if a string breaks mid game, you can do a quick swap over and still have the same feel.


How Quickly can you restring a racquet?

Ok we’ve covered speed of turnover, this sounds more like a Guinness world record question though! But to give a ball park, it can be under 30 minutes. Even a little less for the experienced stringer we use. In fact, our secret stringer reckons he once did one in 5 minutes. He also claims to have cooked 2 minute noodles in a minute 55 as well. There are always some brands that make things interesting with their unique stringing patterns, so every racquet restring is different.


Is it worth restringing a squash racquet?

It depends. If you are coming back to the sport after 10 years or more off, then there is a good chance that racquet technology has moved on and you may find it harder to compete with an obsolete squash racquet, even with a restring and a re grip.

If the racquet is fine (and modern enough), then just keep getting it restrung every time the strings break.

One question I get asked occasionally is, should I restring this racquet? And the player will show me something that’s perfectly fine, but the strings might be a year or old and haven’t broken. Yes you can get them cut out and we can start again, as the strings can slightly change their properties over time. They can lose a little elasticity and can slightly compromise performance. But if we are talking only a year or so, most non professional players wouldn’t notice the difference. If you’re good enough to notice the difference, you’re probably breaking the strings regularly anyway before you have that problem. My recommendation is to use them until they break. Which, if you are playing squash a couple times a week, a broken string won’t be too far away.


How do you restring a racquet?

We have a highly experienced restringer in Adelaide using a top quality re stringing machine. We 100% guarantee what we do. You really can’t go wrong.


Racquetball racket restringing in Adelaide

We are a squash and racquetball club, and often we talk about squash a little more. But we don’t leave out our friends who like their balls bigger and bouncier

Actually, we are really growing our racquetballers thanks to the Monday night Social Racquetball Comp. We can restring your racketball racket and are happy to accommodate any string requests as well. We also sell racquetball racquets now, and are constantly getting new stock.


What are the different types of strings to consider in a restring?

We are fortunate to have a wide selection of strings to choose from, but we don’t want to go crazy with choice overload. So usually we promote the top Technifibre (Green string you see a lot of the pros using) or the top Ashaway string, as used by Chris Green and a lot of the pros.

We do have several other strings made by Technifibre, Head, Grays and Ashaway also.

Most of the top players are split between the Green Technifibre and the Ashaway Super Nick XL Pro, however there are a couple club superstars like Curtis Hall who prefers the Head string, and Ryan Kelton who likes the Orange version of the technifibre. Whenever we get new requests like this we get more string in so there’s more of a range to choose from.

The Grays Graytech is a good performing reliable and long lasting string for those looking for a cheaper option, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.


How long should my strings last?

There are WAY too many variables to give a conclusive answer. The main two depend on the  type of string, and the type of player. Let’s start with the type of player first. If you’re a player who hits the ball hard like a Cameron Pilley or a Chris Green, and hits the ball often (eg a few times a week) Then your strings will not last long at all. Especially if you hit with a bit of cut or slice, as this forces the strings to rub on each other and wear out faster. A top player who Is training most days might get a week out of a set of strings.

If you’re more like a James Rogers who plays 33 rallies every second week, then they might last a little longer.

Someone in the lower grades who isn’t hitting the ball as hard could get up to a year before they break. Especially if they’re just playing once every week or 2.

The strings themselves can have different lifespans. Technifibre bring out a popular green string most squash players are familiar with. They have this in different thicknesses. The pros might use the slightly thinner one to give better feel. But that’s not always economical for club players to be breaking a string every second time they step on a court.


Which string lasts the longest?

No string lasts forever, but from experience the Ashaway Power Nick seemed to just go on and on forever. However, there’s often a trade off with the feeling with the more durable racquet strings. If you are hitting a lot though, talk to us about a longer lasting string for one of your training racquets just so you aren’t burning a hole in the budget every week.

Our budget friendly Grays Graytech just seems to keep going and going and going too. They just really seem to last. Talk to us when you drop your racquet off and you can have a feel and demonstration of the different strings. As we already have them in demo racquets.


Which type of string is best for my game?

Discussing this is all part of the service, and the answer will come down to a number of questions. Are you focused on performance or price? Durability of the string or touch? Do you put spin on the ball and like some grip, or do you want a string more known for its power. A quick chat when you drop off your racquet can help determine the best string for you. It’s all part of our service.


What string tension should I ask for on my racquets?

Generally most people like them around 25lbs give or take depending on the length of the main strings. A looser tension like 22lbs does allow the ball to sit on the strings a bit longer and can help with touch. There are some elite players like Gregory Gautier who are known for using a loose string, but he is one of the rare cases. Some players like a tighter string. I had a conversation with Dan Jenson former world number 5, who liked them up close to 30 pounds which is extremely tight. Again we wouldn’t recommend this for most club players as this would diminish power if the ball is not super hot. These elite players have the ability to get the ball hot with the tighter strings where they then can get more power. Again this is something we help with and use our experience and intuition if you’re not sure.


How often should I restring my racquet?

Every time it breaks. This is the short answer, simply get your racquet restrung each time it breaks. If your strings haven’t broken in over a year then it can be an idea to get them restrung as they may have lost a little elasticity and performance. But generally if you’re playing every week, your strings won’t last for a year anyway.


What is the process when dropping off a racquet for restringing?

At Somerton Squash we have printed tags with several fields on them, such as your name, phone number, the required string you’ve selected and the tension. We (or you) will fill this out together, and put it around the handle with a rubber band.

If you don’t know the tension, you can leave it blank and our pro racquet re-stringer will select what is best for the racquet and for you. Or you can simply put, loose, medium or tight. There is likely to be an extremely handsome expert squash player at the desk when you go to drop it off, and we will offer advice on the tensions and the different types of strings and what they do. We stock a wide variety of strings including the highly popular Ashaway and Technifibre brands. Because we are primarily a Squash Centre run by squash enthusiasts, we can talk through the best type of string for your game, and the best tension to get the most out of your game. It’s not just the service, it’s the advice as well than can further your improvement and enjoyment. And trust me, the right strings can make all the difference to your game.

Payment is on PICK UP of the racquet, NOT DROP OFF.

We keep this rule consistent every time, because with so many rackets coming in and out, it’s easy to forget who has paid and who hasn’t. So we have a consistent rule. Pay on pick up, NOT drop off. NO EXCEPTIONS please.