If you’re looking for an easy online squash court Booking Adelaide system, then Somerton Squash has you covered with this skedda link below. We’ve found this to be the most user friendly way to Book a Squash Court in Adelaide.


  • Simply go to the day you want  to play.
  • Select a court you want to book,
  • and book a one hour slot.


somerton squash squash courts adelaide sa

Court Bookings are capped at an hour on the squash court booking system, but you can continue on at no charge if the court is free after your booking.

It’s a very simple online booking system to use for your squash court booking Adelaide.

One thing worth mentioning is that the squash booking calendar shows all times of the day, but this doesn’t mean you can book all of those times. The squash centre is only open from 5pm on weekdays, and only in the mornings on weekends. So if you’re a non member, please only book a squash court during our opening hours otherwise there will be no one here to let you in.

Just to repeat: Please make your squash court booking fall in our opening hours times if you are not a member, otherwise no one can let you in.

For members, you have an access FOB to let you in anytime, so you can book courts anytime from 7am to 10pm.

If you need any of your racquets restrung, or would like to buy a new racquet, we offer a leading squash racquet restringing service as well.


MEMBERS: Please note, although daytimes are usually free and booking is not mandatory. We do suggest checking the booking schedule before you come in, as there are some daytimes where we have school groups in playing squash or masters squash players. In most cases they only take up the facility for an hour. But it means all courts may be out of action.

The squash court booking system isn’t just for reserving a court. It’s also for checking if courts are available before you just roll in.

Come and play squash at the best squash courts in Adelaide, just remember to book online first!