Located at 11 Moore Street, Somerton Park, Somerton Squash Centre is a 7 Court Squash facility making it the largest in the State.

Originally built in 1955, the courts here are a big part of the history of the Glenelg and Holdfast Bay area.

Under New Ownership

From January 2021 The courts are under new ownership. Michael who first started playing at Somerton 20 years ago has taken the courts on with help from his family. We also have a handful of new projects underway which you can read about here


Our Vision

Our vision is to grow the game, increase junior participation and create a great environment for people to get healthy and relax afterwards. We want to build a strong sense of club and grow that community feeling that we already have.

Junior Programs

We have some of the best coaches and junior coaches in the country offering their services to grow the game.  These are players who have achieved great heights as Squash players, and have done the accreditation and years of coaching. There will be no better environment for junior programs than Somerton Squash.


Somerton will host a junior tournament each year as a minimum. Tournaments are a great way to work towards a goal, test yourself and compete.