What are they?

 Short answer, is they are company funded memberships for your staff at a greatly reduced rate.

What are the benefits to me?

Corporate fitness is to encourage employees to stay fit and healthy. Offering this can boost morale, productivity and well-being within the company. And encourage other healthier lifestyle choices meaning less sick days off work.

By having a corporate wellness program, employees are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors such as changing diet and activity, allowing them to be in better physical and mental shape for work. Therefore whether working from home or not, employees are less likely to be absent and more likely to be present. Allowing you as a company to have reduced healthcare costs, or down time costs.

Offering this to staff is often a good incentive to retain top performers rather that just relying on salary increases, and often groups who train together at the gym or playing squash build friendships which also help with workplace retention.

Corporate fitness packages are tax deductible for your business, and your corporation will also get named as a Somerton Squash club sponsor, and receive recognition throughout the club and in social media / email newsletters.

It’s likely you’ll receive back the cost of your investment (and then some), as we are a very supportive squash community.

So what is a corporate fitness package?

At Somerton Squash we have an impressive hidden gem of a facility. Right here in Somerton Park.

  • 6 squash courts
  • Commercial gym
  • Sauna (Nearing completion)
  • Fully stocked Bar (6m long huge bar)
  • Tropical oasis hidden beer garden
  • Big Screen TV

The corporate fitness package gives your staff 24/7 access to this facility though an electronic entry FOBS system.

Typically we sell individual memberships to the public where members can gain access with an entry fob 24/7

The difference here is a corporate membership offers multiple FOB entry keys, at a dramatically discounted rate.

The idea is your company can allocate these to team members as a company perk.

What packages are available?

5 person Corporate package –

  • 5 entry fobs for your team members to use the facility 24/7
  • RRP = $5,720 per year,
  • JUST $4,000 per annum

8 person package – ***BEST VALUE***

  • 8 Entry fobs for your team members, RRP $9,152pa
  • 8 Top of the range squash racquets to keep, RRP $1,920
  • 8 Bottles of Premium Red wine from Koppamurra, RRP $400
  • Your Business Signage prominently displayed
  • RRP over $11,472 worth of value
  • 55% OFF JUST $5,500pa

Inquire here for an informal chat. Michael can show you around the facility and see if it’s something that might suit your business.

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