Other Squash Court Locations in Adelaide

Squash popularity peaked in the 80’s and 90’s in Australia with dozens of squash centres across Adelaide. In fact, according to a report by ABC news, and statistics from Squash Australia, the sport had around 1 million participants in its prime in the 80’s and 90’s. That’s massive when you consider that Australia’s population at the time was around 15 million.

The same report showed that by 2016 participation rates had dropped to 100,000 nationally.

With land prices increasing, and popularity on the decline, many squash centres in Australia got sold off for redevelopment. With less facilities to play in, many people were lost from the sport, and new generations never got exposed to squash or racquetball.

In Adelaide there are a few squash centres left. I’m going to talk about a few of them and keep adding more in. (Sorry if I’ve missed some) So if you’re looking for “squash courts near me” then this should help you out a little.

Whilst we love Somerton Squash Centre, and we are definitely biased as we think we have the best community and location. There are some great squash courts in Adelaide to visit.


Christies Beach Squash – On Beach Road Christies Beach exists what was once one of the largest squash centres in SA. Originally boasting 12 squash courts, most have been utilised for gyms but 3 squash courts remain. Nathan Kerr is the man to speak to there, a great bloke and extremely passionate about squash and racquetball. There’s a huge gap in squash courts between Christies Beach and Somerton Park. I’ve found many of our Somerton members come from southern areas to play, like Hallett Cove, Marion, Brighton, Seacliff and Hove.


Mile End Squash Centre – There are squash courts in Mile End on Henley Beach road. A 5 court facility and a pro shop that’s always well stocked too. If you’re looking for squash courts Mile End then West Adelaide Squash Centre is the name of the courts to look up.


Squash Courts Edwardstown – South Adelaide Squash have a 5 squash court facility in Edwardstown SA. The masters squash players do a great job running this facility.


Adelaide Malibu Squash Club –  Tucked away in Lockleys in a small unit development, this is a private squash club with two courts, but they do have pennant teams registered in the competition.


Tonsley Squash Courts – This is an interesting one. It’s only one squash court in the newly developed Tonsley Park. But it’s the glass squash court used in the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth games. It is a portable court but this will be its final destination. Adelaide’s only glass squash court, and 24 hour squash is available here too.


Flinders University Squash and Racquetball – There are a few courts tucked away on campus behind the gym at Flinders university. They are geared more towards uni students (Being on campus there) but in the past pennant teams have consisted of ex students, lecturers and mates of people involved with Flinders University.

Next Generation, often referred to as Next Gen, on memorial drive in North Adelaide have 4 courts as part of their multipurpose gym set up. They’re always well represented in pennant competitions.