If you’re a beginner, an up and coming junior, or returning to the game after some time off, social squash is for you.

At Somerton Squash Centre, we have Adelaide’s biggest and best “in house” social squash competition.

So let me tell you a bit about Social Squash Adelaide.

We noticed a lot of people were coming just for a fun muck around hit with a mate or a partner. After a while they would get sick of playing the same person week in, week out. So as natural progression went, I started taking down names and numbers and in the middle of 2021 we had enough names to start a Wednesday night social competition.

The first week everyone just played a series of mini games against each other just to work out the rankings. Then we formed teams of three.

The best players were the number 1’s for their team, right down to the complete beginners who were the team number three’s. In this way the number one’s square off, then the 2’s then the three’s square off. It gives everyone an evenly matched game.

This year social squash has expanded to 8 teams of 3, on a Wednesday from 7pm (usually till about 8:30)

Whilst we have made the teams up already, there are always players out and we welcome reserves to show up, introduce yourself, and we will find you a game.

The emphasis is on fun. Hence why it’s called “social squash”, it’s also in “in house” competition meaning we play home games at Somerton Squash every week, there’s no travel to away games. Most players are beginners or fairly new to the sport, some are coming back to the sport after 20 years out of the game as well. But it’s a great crowd of people.

If you are interested in being part of our next social squash competition, then email us to put your details down, but come in on a Wednesday from 7pm and feel what it’s like for yourself.

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